Dorr Vet Clinic Announces New Owner

Dorr Vet Clinic Announces New Owner

In mid-September Dorr Vet Clinic experienced a transition in ownership.  The new owner is Dr. Kayce Koski, DVM a graduate of Michigan State Dr. Koski copyUniversity College of Veterinary Medicine.  When not busy with working as a veterinarian and managing the clinic, Dr. Kayce enjoys spending time with her son that is almost 4 years old and running.  Dr. Kayce also has a 10 year old Weimaraner and an 11 year old cat.  The clinic has retained the residential goat, llama, alpaca and has recently added chickens.

Dorr Vet Clinic provides many services besides routine health care and preventative services including; boarding, microchipping, grooming services, cremation services, and more.

The past owner, Dr. Ames Grobstein will be continuing to practice at the clinic, however, with more limited hours.  The friendly faces of our staff will still be available to assist clients with their needs.  We hope to continue with this transition as smoothly as possible and hope to continue to provide pets with quality care and compassion.

The Chamber would like to congratulate Dr. Kayce Koski as the new owner of Dorr Vet Clinic. For additional information on Dorr Vet Clinic, please visit their website at, “like” their Facebook page, or call their office at 269-793-0203.


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