Seeking Nominations for Outstanding People for Education Award

The Allegan County School Boards Association is once again holding their annual “Outstanding People for Education Award.”  The purpose of the award is to recognize and honor people in education who are excelling in their field and/or are making an impact in the quality of education in Allegan County.

Examples of whom to nominate could include: a teacher, classroom aide, administrator, secretary, board member, volunteer, bus driver, custodian, support staff, social worker, therapist, consultant, community member, or anyone who supports education.

Some things to consider when nominating are people who have made a difference in the overall quality of education by demonstrating knowledge and skill in their area of responsibility, have developed new or unique programs that enhance the classroom experience, play a leadership role in education, are a true “team player” in the school setting, provides significant support for a program or service, and exhibits an attitude that promotes a positive working and learning environment.

It could also be someone who has made an impact on the quality of an individual student’s educational experience by demonstrating sensitivity to the needs of individual students and provides service “above and beyond” their job description.

Nominations can come from anyone (students, parents, school staff and community members) and can also be kept anonymous.

Each school district in the county can select up to three recipients, which will be honored at the ACSBA Recognition Banquet in June.  They will each be presented with an award created by local students.

Winners will be selected from each school district’s Selection Committee that is made up of at least one administrator, one board member, one teacher, and one support staff.  Final approval is granted by ACSBA.  The Allegan County School’ Communication Team coordinated the award.

Nominations are due March 1, 2017 and can be submitted to:

Wayland Union Schools

c/o Laurie Zywiczynski

435 E. Superior Street

Wayland, MI 49348